A consultation with an osteopathFirst consultation with an osteopath will include a detailed case history leading to a discussion of your present symptoms. This hour long session will look at the following:

a) how your symptoms began

b) factors affecting your condition

c) health problems

d) physical trauma

e) medication

f) surgeries

g) lifestyle habits

This is facilitated through accompanying clinical information such as medical reports, x-rays and prescriptions.

A physical examination is then conducted to evaluate the body’s biomechanics (structure, posture and physical movements). If necessary, further investigations such as x-rays, blood tests, MRI scans may be requested.

Diagnosis, clinical findings and an appropriate treatment plan with projected recovery time frames will be explained and discussed and additional advice on exercise, nutrition, ergonomics and lifestyle may be suggested to facilitate recovery and optimal health.

Subsequent manual therapy will range from very subtle techniques used for babies, through to more robust methods applied to athletes. Some of these include: Gentle releasing; Joint articulation & manipulation; Cranial, functional, visceral techniques; Muscle stretching; Rhythmic joint movements; Soft tissue massage; Trigger point therapy; Lymphatic drainage.

The number of visits will depend on the severity and duration of the illness or injury and can range from between 2 to 6 consultations.

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