2610, 2017

Tinnitus-Ringing in the ears

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I had been suffering with a very loud humming and ringing in my head since early childhood. I had tried various doctors and specialists but no one was able to help me. To compound these issues I developed anxiety as a result of the loud humming. My stress levels have reduced by 80% since seeing Dr Ashburner and I no longer feel anxious as a result of the constant hum as it has all but gone.

Hannah Currier


709, 2017

Back Pain – Horse riding – Dressage rider- Equestrian Athlete

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I have been competing as a professional Dressage rider for over 15 years and have represented WC province on several occasions.  I ride an estimate of 5 to 7 horses every day and for years I have been having problems with tightness and stiffness through my back and neck.

In the past I had been for regular physio as well as massages but after a few days my body would tighten up again and it affected my entire posture as well as the aids (signals) that I would then pass onto the horse.  The higher Dressage work such as lead changes were not coming through due to my signals being late or even blocked and this resulted in me losing many marks in the competition arena.

Since I have been seeing Guy Ashburner and having regular Osteopathy sessions my entire posture has improved and I am using my hips and back correctly and it is giving the horses a better and more clear signal which have made them happier in their work.  I realised that with me being blocked I was confusing them.  My marks have since improved in the competition arena and I am generally more supple throughout my entire body.  I would recommend osteopathy to athletes as well as to anyone who would like to improve their general health and well being.

Michelle de Villiers Moreira
Equestrian Athlete

2301, 2017

Scoliosis- Physiotherapy student perspective of osteopathy

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I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 16 after I was involved in a car accident. It was unclear whether or not the accident had been the overall cause of the scoliosis or not but after the accident, all the muscle in my back began to shorten and tighten and my lower back became increasingly painful. There was an option of an operation in order to surgically strain my spine but my symptoms did not appear severe enough at the time and the doctor recommended against it, as I was still growing.

Through high school the pain was manageable with anti-inflammatories and occasional physiotherapy, but after high school I took a gap year in which I focused on my horse riding and working full time as an intern at a canine hydrotherapy practice which put a lot of strain on my lower back and the pain became increasingly worse. For over 3 months I tried various practitioners such as a physiotherapist, body stress release, and various chiropractors with no real relief of symptoms until I found one chiropractor who helped me tremendously with my postural alignment and pain management simultaneously with constant body stress release to loosen my muscles. Unfortunately that chiropractor moved overseas and my back gradually deteriorated back to its original painful state.

I started university, studying Bsc. Physiotherapy at the age of 19 and at first the pain did not affect my studies, but as I began to work longer hours in clinical settings, the pain started to get increasingly worse and it began to affect my ability to work with my patients and prevent me from getting a decent night’s sleep as I could not find a comfortable position to […]

1809, 2016

Tennis elbow

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Painful tennis Elbow (elbow tendinitis) has been a painful part of my life for almost 11 years,
although not a tennis player the repetitive motions whilst decorating 100’s of cakes left me often
in tremendous pain.

I tried everything from braces, cortisone injections, Chinese massages and every over the counter
product available.

It became chronic and felt like an enormous bruise from my hand to  the right side of my body –
and then remarkably after only ONE session with Dr Guy Ashburner – it just disappeared.

To be pain free is so life changing. Thanks so much.

Mari-Louis Guy

2006, 2015

Scoliosis – Sacroiliac Joint Pain – Lower Back Pain

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I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 18 and was relatively complication free until the age of 29 after a horse-riding accident. This left my lower back in incredible pain and I went for DPPT sessions which worked to a point but didn’t resolve increasing muscle tightness.

3 years later I injured my SI joint during an intense hot yoga class. At first I didn’t know this was the injury I’d suffered. All I knew was that basic movement – walking, turning, bending was incredibly painful. For over 3 months I tried different practitioners – a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, and more DPPT without relief. I was frustrated and the pain was worsening.  No practitioner I went to could tell me exactly what was causing the pain. Things became steadily worse, I was exhausted and on painkillers – the only way I could function at work was by lying on my back on the floor. Doing basic day-to-day chores I had previously taken for granted became a nightmare.

In desperation I was about to contact an orthopaedic surgeon when someone mentioned they had success with osteopathy. I was willing to give the non-surgical route one more try and went to see Guy Ashburner. My presenting symptoms were intense lower back pain, SI joint pain as well as snapping hip syndrome. Guy began treatment weekly with fascial massage and spinal manipulation, stretching my muscles which had grown tight steadily over years. Guy showed me why my lower back was in pain – it was doing all the work – receiving no support from my tightened scapula or hips. He also found my coccyx was crooked which was possibly pulling my spine that way too. I was taught correct posture – […]

1706, 2015

Hip – Groin Pain – Repetitive Strain – Athlete

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Hip Pain


I have suffered from hip discomfort and pain for a few years now.

Waterpolo was a big part of my everyday life. April 2013 I sought help from a hip specialist, I went for X rays and MRI scans on both hips. He told me that I had Labral tears in both hips; he said my hip joints were too shallow and it was hereditary. I was told that I would need surgery (age 16), and would never be able to run, swim or cycle, only “calm walks”, and that I would need a hip replacement later.


Due to only being 16, I tried everything else to avoid surgery until it was my last resort. I had cortisone injections to try encourage the healing of my “tears” on their own. I stopped exercising completely, went to osteopathy with another Dr. Simple things, such as walking around the mall or sitting down for a while was painful, with never-ending aches.


After a year and a half of trying to heal the tears on their own, I went to see another hip specialist. He told me the same thing, Labral tears and that I need to operate to solve the problem.


I booked my surgery for January 2015. However when the surgery was over, I was told that I actually do not have any Labral tears and what they had seen on the MRI scans were not actually tears. Both the doctors that I had been to see discussed my hips and could not come to a conclusion about  what was wrong, nobody knew what it was. They scheduled me in an emergency appointment with the head of hips in South Africa in Johannesburg. Before flying to this appointment my […]

403, 2015

Sleep Disorders in Children

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Sleep Disorders

“My son Jordan who is 5 years old, has never slept or eaten well since he was born, my husband and I had tried every trick in the book, but nothing worked with him.

He was always screaming and just seemed to be a difficult baby and toddler.  I eventually was just happy that he would stay in his room and play until he eventually fell asleep at about 10 or 10.30pm and he never showed any signs of being tired!

After chatting to a friend about Jordan she suggested we go see Guy Ashburner, after our first visit, we went home, followed our usual routine, I read Jordan a story and said good night and left his room expecting to hear him start playing, but there was no movement and by 8.45pm he was asleep!

My husband asked me what drugs we had been given, I said none!  Since then Jordan has been asleep every night between 8 and 9pm and he has started trying other foods and drinks.  He is much calmer and overall easier to handle!

It is unbelievable, Guy Ashburner has changed our lives! Thank you!!!!”

Sonja Kohlöffel

502, 2015

Chronic Pain – Muscle Spasms – Neck – Shoulders – Arms

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I have suffered with pain from muscle spasms in my neck, shoulders and arms for many years due to a combination of bad posture, stress, and a bad motor bike accident.

I have lived with this almost every day and have literally tried almost everything such as continuous massages to eleviate the pain which unfortunately, only gave temporary relief. Also, I have tried acupuncture, trigger point needling, Physiotherapy, Chinese cupping and massage, Ayurvedic massage and herbal remedies, thai massage, chiropractic treatment but had no permanent lasting relief.
I have visited Dr Guy Ashbuner, who has taught me a completely new way of sitting and posture together with certain simple exercices to strengthen sets of muscles together as a whole rather than isolated muscle exercises as they pull and  aggrevate my neck.  He states that the body works as a unit and must be strengthened as a whole.
Having had a series of only five sessions, I am now feeling so much better from strengthening my muscles along with slight adjustments combined with strong sweeping-like massage done with the back of his forearms in certain areas to soften and loosen muscle which felt blocked and locked to the spine which impaired my mobility. It even improved my eye sight which had also been effected, it’s rather remarkable!
I would highly recommend osteopathy to anyone. Dr Ashburner shows a great interest in his client’s wellbeing and he also writes extremely helpful and interesting articles on various related topics.
Many thanks for all your help.

Lisa Georgiou

2201, 2015

Severe Headaches

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Son struggling with severe headaches:

My 15 year old son, Brogan, came home from school in October complaining about a headache. Thinking of his history with sinusitis we just thought it was a bad sinus attack seeing it was that time of the year. We gave him some meds that we kept in the house. The next morning the headache was actually worse. He had a fever and was very listless and he couldn’t keep his head up straight. We took him to our GP who diagnosed him with severe sinusitis, gave him some tablets and a nasal spray. By the end of the following week he was still complaining about the headache.

We then took him to another GP who said it was tension headaches. He was given a shot, some ibuprofens and some paracetamols. We were very optimistic thinking that these meds would help because its two weeks later and he is still suffering and final exams is upon us….to our horror, this meds didn’t help either…it was now almost a month that my son was suffering with headaches and as a parent you feel helpless. Here we go again, off to another GP…again he was diagnosed with tension headaches but now the drugs that he has been using thus far might have caused drug induced headaches. This GP recommended a tablet that is used to stop the headache before it even occurs…. More meds and still no relieve, we were already in the middle of November and still nothing is relieving the pain. Brogan is very active in sports but as a result of the headaches he couldn’t even take part in the last games of the season, he was feeling too rotten.

By the […]

1311, 2014

Chronic sinusitis – Poor Posture

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Posture and Chronic sinusitis issues – not a good combination until…
You meet Dr Guy Ashburner. 
I was about to register to have a sinus operation when my wife suggested I try Dr Ashburner. I had received treatment from him a couple of years ago for poor posture. 
I have had 3 appointments with Dr Ashburner over the past few weeks and already after the first treatment I could feel that my sinuses were draining. Osteopathy is medicine free and it really feels like you and your body are fighting the problems you have, as opposed to medicine ‘doing it for you’. Dr Ashburner recommends preventative exercises along with his therapy and these have helped me make dramatic, CONSCIOUS improvements to my posture which in turn are helping my sinuses drain. 
Dr Ashburner takes the time to explain how one’s posture is linked to poor drainage of the sinuses so I feel like I understand what is happening. Having had 4 cases of sinusitis in the past year I now feel positive about the way forward…
Dr Ashburner also gives valuable advice on dietary issues and sticks to his philosophy of “if it’s bad for you and going in, it will lead to consequences!” He’s also well researched and not afraid to challenge ‘norms’. I would recommend him without hesitation.
Tony Romer-Lee
November 2014