“When you have adjusted the physical to its normal demands. Nature supplies the remainder.” Dr Andrew Taylor Still. Founder of Osteopathy


“The arterial stream is supreme but the cerebrospinal fluid is in command . . .” – W. G. Sutherland DO

“I am making a special effort to stress the point that I consider the fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluid to be the fundamental principle in the cranial concept.” – W. G. Sutherland DO

“Cerebrospinal Fluid fluctuates rhythmically within a natural cavity, the neurocranium, and it can be observed by palpation. Because the body is basically fluid in composition, and in addition, cerebrospinal fluid is absorbed, in part, into the lymphatic system of the body, the fluctuation of cerebrospinal fluid can be observed throughout the body.” – Rollin Becker DO

“Where is that cerebrospinal fluid? Is it only in my body? No. It is in each and every one of your bodies. There is an ocean of cerebrospinal fluid in this room… The Breath of Life is within each.” – W. G. Sutherland DO

“The first principle in the primary respiratory mechanism, the fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluid, has a potency with an Intelligence…” – W. G. Sutherland DO

“There is no way to separate this mechanism into separate units of function… It has 5 divisions… but it works as a single unit of function… It is a fluid drive, it fluctuates and shifts, and it doesn’t require coiling and uncoiling of the CNS to make it fluctuate. It fluctuates, period.” – Rollin Becker DO

“Within that cerebrospinal fluid there is an invisible element that I refer to as the “Breath of Life.” I want you to visualize this Breath of Life as a fluid within this fluid, something that does not mix, something that has potency as the thing that makes it move. Is it necessary to know what makes the fluid move? Visualize a potency, an intelligent potency, that is more intelligent than your own human mentality.” – W. G. Sutherland DO

“The fluctuation of the CSF is like the tides of the ocean- not the waves, but the tides. In order to have a tide, there has to be an incoming tide, a pause-rest point, an outgoing tide, a pause-rest point, an incoming tide, and so on. At the fulcrum point – at the point where this tide changes from one direction to the other – is the point at which the Breath of Life interchanges with the CSF. It then, in turn, is transmuted into the lower energies that the body needs.” – Rollin Becker DO

“Allow physiologic function to express its own unerring potency rather than apply blind forces from without.” – W. G. Sutherland DO

“The knowledge of potency within tissues begins with this statement [above]. These words state the principle upon which we will develop our understanding of what potency is. The body has the capacity to express health through this inherent potency. At the very core of total health there is a potency with the human body manifesting it in health. At the very core of every trauma or disease condition within the human body there is a potency manifesting its relationship with the body in trauma or disease. It is up to us to learn to feel this potency. It is relatively easy to feel the tensions and stresses of trauma and disease as they are manifesting their patterns. But within these manifesting elements there is a potency that is able ‘to control or influence, having authority or power.’ It centers the disturbance. It can be sensed and read by a feeling touch.” – Rollin Becker DO

“The key to understanding the CSF is that it can be used by the physician for both diagnosis and treatment by way of its fluctuation patterns and, more importantly, as an anatomico-physiological entity within a living body in integrated function with the whole body.” – Rollin Becker DO

“…A successful response from the cerebrospinal fluid… is an intensified interchange between all the fluids of the body… It is definitely evident that the reaction is systemic and includes the whole body even within the bones.” – Anne Wales DO

“One might say that through the understanding of CSF and its fluctuant patterns, one is dealing with the rechargeable battery of life and health in human physiology.” – Rollin Becker DO

“To find Health should be the object of the physician. Anyone can find disease.”

“It is the stillness of the tide, not the stormy waves that bound upon the shore.” – W. G. Sutherland DO