2907, 2014

It happened to me: Osteopathy worked wonders for my son

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Osteopathy worked wonders for my son. Since complications during his birth, Caleb Sedeman (12) of Cape Town has always struggled with low muscle tone, a speech impediment, epilepsy and ADHD. He also has a very high pain threshold which means he doesn’t always realise when he hurts himself. But his mom, Celestia, says osteopathy has worked wonders for her son.

Caleb’s story

“Hours after Caleb and I were released from the hospital following his birth, we were readmitted to the ICU unit at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital,” recalls Celestia. “He was treated for apnoea [temporary inability to breathe] and acute tubular necrosis [damaged kidney tissue caused by lack of oxygen], and he was struggling to feed like a newborn or pass any urine. We stayed there for three weeks and the doctors were amazed that he was still alive.”

Today Celestia and Caleb’s lives consist of a range of regular therapies in order for Caleb to be able to function normally. These include occupational therapy, speech therapy and regular visits to a neurologist. Celestia’s mom helps her with this busy schedule. “My mom is always reading up and trying to find new ways of helping him – that’s when she came across a book on women who had difficult births, and they suggested cranial osteopathy for helping children recover from traumatic births.”

Caleb has received four therapy sessions by Cape Town osteopath Dr Guy Ashburner in the past six weeks. Celestia recalls their first visit: “We had no idea what to expect! He asked a lot of questions relating to Caleb’s birth, his milestones and development. Then he started by slowly massaging Caleb’s head, neck, back and arms. It looked like the usual massage therapy but […]

1012, 2012

Combating the effects of Birth Trauma – Natural Birth – Caesarean Birth

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Being born is a pretty strenuous experience for both mother and baby, and the strain on baby in particular can produce a range of post-birth problems such as colic, poor sleeping patterns, excessive crying and so forth. Paediatric Osteopaths can help relieve these strains and tension, and make for a much happier, healthier baby. […]

2805, 2012

Baby Reflux – Baby Colic

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Baby Colic

I’ve read about Dr Guy Ashburner in the Natural Medicine Magazine regarding Osteopathy for babies and children, especially the important note where he mentioned about the child’s birth history and I decided that maybe this is the answer to all my little boy’s problems.

If I knew about this kind of treatments when my baby was born it would have saved me money, time, frustration, sleepless nights and lots of tears.

My baby boy was born with a weight of 4.2kg and was traumatized during a c-section birth. After returning home he did not sleep for even 15 minutes in a 12 hour cycle. Pediatrics blames it on colic and reflux.

After visiting Dr Ashburner my baby slept a 2.5 – 4 hrs during the day and excellent during the night, just waking up for a feed, colic and reflux now history.

My baby is now a much happier and healthier baby. I will recommend Dr Ashburner to anyone that is scheduled for a c-section, as this will save every new mom lots of tears and frustrations.

Healthy happy babies are every parents wish.
– Corrie Greyvensteyn

2505, 2012

Constipation in Children

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Constipation in Children

A few months after the birth of our second son, I noticed that he was having similar “colic” symptoms to my first. However my gut feeling was that there was something more to his discomfort.

After an emergency visit to the hospital and by pure luck, x-rays confirmed and assisted in his diagnosis of Fecal Loading / Impacted faces.

Due to the fact that his condition was now severe he had to undergo surgery at two years of age.

After the surgery he was still bothered with ongoing severe constipation.

I sought the help of Dr. Guy Ashburner when my son was two years and nine months.

In the beginning I can still remember my son, was a very frightened little baby receiving this relatively unknown cranial osteopathic treatment.

Going into the second treatment I was happy to report that my sons bowels were working efficiently and he was fast asleep within a few minutes, and totally relaxed.

Today my son is a healthy, 5 year old and I have no doubt in my mind that the treatments he received from Dr. Ashburner assisted is his recovery.
For this I am forever grateful!

Natasha Brand, mom of three

2803, 2012

Osteopathy could be the cure

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Osteopathy could be the cure

“An osteo what?” – The answer nine of my 10 friends gave me when I told them I was seeing an osteopath for a muscle injury. They’re not alone – most South Africans fall into this category.
Fact is osteopathy, a “hands-on” manual therapy, has been around since the 1870s (before chiropractic and physiotherapy), but in South Africa it’s still relatively unknown. […]

309, 2011

Testimonial Kerry Rogers, Journalist Magazine editor

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“Guy Ashburner treated my baby’s colic successfully in two sessions. He also helped me with some digestive problems I was having postnatally, and when I injured my knee some months later, he treated it in three sessions. What I liked especially about the process with my knee was that he spend almost a full session just on diagnosis, and did not simply treat what it might have been. I suspect that this is why it healed so quickly – while previous knee injuries had taken several weeks of physio.

Perhaps the most significant thing Guy has done for me is treat my restless legs syndrome. Those who have had it know how excruciating it is, and how desperate it can make you feel. I had not tried any of the medications on the market for fear of side effects, but I had tried all the natural remedies suggested to me, with no success. Guy spent two sessions working on my ankles, knees and feet – tiny massaging motions with his thumbs – and my symptoms simply stopped. I have had restless legs syndrome all my life, so this is quite significant. After about six months, I started getting mild symptoms again, and went back to Guy for a ‘top-up’ which was successful.

If you suffer from restless legs, I can think of no simpler, more effective or more cost-effective way of treating them than seeing Guy for a couple of sessions. It’s been life-changing to be able to go to a late movie and not have to walk up and down the aisle in agony. Thank you, Guy!”

– Kerry Rogers, Journalist Magazine editor

309, 2011

Testimonial Shaamilah Suleman – Medical Doctor

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“After trying everything a desperate new parent can think off to quieten a screaming child, i took the advice of my cousin and contacted Guy Ashburner. I took my one month old baby for two sessions of paediatric osteopathy and can happily say that she no longer screams from 12pm to 4am every night. Guy helped me to understand that the effects of birth on baby can cause different symptoms due to tension in the bony structures and irritation of underlying membranes and nerves. I noticed that she was much calmer and there was a definite decrease in colic symptoms after the first session and even more after the second. She also had less milk being regurgitated and her sleep improved as well. I can definitely recommend Guy Ashburner to parents who struggle with a colicky baby. I also urge ALL parents to take their babies for osteopathy especially those moms who had assisted deliveries.”

– Shaamilah Suleman – Medical Doctor

309, 2011

Osteopathy Treats Colic and Wind

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Osteopathy Treats Colic and Wind – Mechanical stresses during delivery and pregnancy can aggravate or cause colic. Other factors that need to be considered are the mother’s diet, lactose intolerance, stress during pregnancy and a family history of colic.

The nerve to the stomach (vagus nerve) can be irritated as it exits at the base of the skull by birth compression. This retained compression on the nerve can reduce the efficiency of digestion and therefore impair its function.

Stress through the trunk of the baby as it passes through the birth canal, or from a poor first breath, or shock from the birth will increase torsion and/or tension within the diaphragm. Impairment of the diaphragm will compromise the ability of the stomach to hold on to and digest its contents.

Tension through the umbilical cord during delivery due to it being entwined around the baby’s neck can be spread to the diaphragm and gastrointestinal fascia. Thus the position and function of these areas can be disturbed.

Stress in the pregnant mother is also considered to increase the susceptibility of colic in the infant by making their nervous system more reactive.

A paediatric osteopath will be able to work on the restrictions within the baby’s body and effectively reduce the signs and symptoms of infantile colic.

The typical presentation of an infant with colic is abdominal distension, frequent gas emissions, apparent abdominal pain, irritability and excessive crying

Children with colic are often described as crying without identifiable cause and who are hard-to-soothe, although being otherwise healthy infants, well fed and showing no signs of failure to thrive.
Symptoms of colic reflect an increased excitability of the intestinal vagus nerve. (Cranial Nerve X). Altered (parasympathetic) function of the vagus nerve causes irregular stimulation of the […]

309, 2011

Osteopathy Treats Feeding Difficulties

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Osteopathy Treats Feeding Difficulties – Suckling will be more difficult and tiring for a baby when tensions through the head, face or throat are left over from mechanical strains acquired at birth. These strains may have been influenced by:

face or brow birth presentations
overstretching of the throat or irritations of the throat by tight umbilical cord around baby’s neck
Misshapenness (moulding) of the whole skull
Residual strains in the neck can cause baby to favour feeding more comfortably on one side than the other.

Nerves that control tongue coordination, sucking and swallowing can become irritated as they exit the base of the skull as this area is prone to maximal birth compression. These babies are described as having a ‘weak suck’. Osteopathy techniques can deal with many feeding issues.

309, 2011

Osteopathy Deals with Crying, Screaming, Irritability

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Osteopathy Deals with Crying, Screaming, Irritability – Frequent crying, restlessness, fractiousness, jumping at loud noises in a baby and taking a long time to settle to sleep may be attributed to a retained birth compression.

The baby’s head may be uncomfortable, possibly with a headache. They are characteristically more relaxed being carried than lying down due to the extra pressure of the mattress on their heads aggravates the tensions already in their head.

Babies who have a complicated birth such as having the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck or have been jammed in the birth canal are often very anxious babies. Also babies who have had a very rapid delivery can be often very irritable.

Paediatric osteopathy has been helpful in treating many babies with birth compression.