2110, 2013

Osteopathic treatment for Influenza or the flu

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Osteopathic treatment for Influenza or the flu which is a viral infection. Common symptoms may include fever, chills, sore throat, body aches, headache, and fatigue. A flu infection may worsen any chronic illness such as emphysema, asthma, or bronchitis. These viral infections are usually transmitted when an infected person coughs or sneezes and spreads contaminated droplets through the air.

The strength of your immune system is an important factor in your vulnerability to cold and flu. Boosting your immunity is the key in staying healthy during the cold and flu season.

Dr A. T. Still M.D. who founded Osteopathy in 1874 discovered that by removing musculoskeletal (structural) derangements, which are impediments to good health, with the aid of Osteopathy allows the body to function optimally and may help a person’s nervous system and thereby enhance a person’s immune system. The musculoskeletal system, being the largest system of the body, will have a profound effect on all other systems of the body. The importance of this relationship between structure and function has been now been realised as recent neuroimmunology research has discovered the relationship between the immune system and the nervous system.

Osteopathy is intended to address the whole body, to increase its vitality. This is achieved by freeing restrictions within joints and muscles, thereby affecting posture and mobility. This helps to remove any blockage or restriction to the flow of blood, lymph or nerve. It is this increase in flow, this increase in the body’s tissues receiving nutrition and oxygen, and the increase in drainage and removal of waste, which increases the vitality, the health, of the body. This in turn gives the person reserves of energy and building blocks for repair, when needed, and further, improves immune function and response for the prevention of disease in general.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers […]

2405, 2013

How to stay healthy – What is a Cold – What is the Flu – Immune system

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How to stay healthy during the chilly months. Winter wellness toolkit.

Feeling under the weather and don’t know what to do? Whether you go the natural route or opt for a medical solution, this toolkit will give you all you need to know to survive colds, and flu this winter.
What’s the difference between colds and flu?
Pharmacist Yogin Pillay and GP Yesheen Singh of Healthnation.co.za, dig into the nitty gritty about colds and flu.
Symptoms start within one to four days of catching the virus.
Symptoms can include aches, nasal congestion, sneezing, sore throat, fatigue,  and slight cough.
Colds should only last a few days.
Symptoms start very suddenly.
Symptoms can include fever, aches and muscle pain (can be severe), coughing, fatigue and weakness, nasal congestion, sneezing and sore throat, nausea and vomiting.
Flu can last a few weeks.
There is no cure for colds and flu, but symptoms can be managed.
Why a fever can be good for you
Researchers from Roswell Park Cancer Institute found that a higher body temperature can help our immune systems to work better and harder against infections. The finding was published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. Cape Town Osteopath Dr Guy Ashburner agrees with this study and explains that even though having a fever may be uncomfortable, it is part of the body’s natural defence mechanism. “A fever creates a hostile environment for germs to thrive in and when your temperature rises the physiological cascade brings in a gradually stronger immune response as required. Always consult your GP on how high you should let the fever run (especially concerning children or the elderly) before reaching for cold and flu products containing paracetamol etc. I would suggest drinking a lot of water and sweating it out overnight. Allopathic medical treatment for patients with influenza […]

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Beat The Bugs

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How to stay healthy while those around you don’t Each year and Beat The Bugs, particularly around this time, the common cold strikes, setting off a storm of sneezes, sore throats and aches and pains. In the meanwhile there’s an onslaught of flu doing its rounds, bringing fever and fatigue to the masses. While it’s almost impossible to escape exposure, you can take steps to stop these viruses from knocking you out this winter. […]