Osteopathy Treats Groin Strain/Injury

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“Good osteopathy is not only receiving treatment. An osteopath will also give you good advice on avoiding the condition for which you are being treated and can often detect the signs of impending trouble. Good coaches and athletes should have the arrows of osteopathy in their quiver of medical backup – it can lessen the need for far more drastic treatment later.”
                Lord Sebastian Coe, CH KBE – Double Olympic Gold Medallist – The Mechanics of Sports Injuries.
A groin strain is a tearing of the groin muscles. The muscles on the inner thigh are known as the adductor muscles. These muscles originate from the pubic bone of the pelvis and insert into the inside of the thigh bones (femur) and shin bones(tibia). The groin muscles stabilize the hip/pelvis and move the leg towards the midline of the body. Symptoms may include stiffness or pain around the inner thigh, hip, pubic bone or abdominal area. The pelvis is a dynamic structure and it can easily be thrown out of balance, especially if there are long term postural or muscle balance issues putting more pressure on the pubic bone in the groin. A groin strain may occur due to a sudden contraction of the groin muscles and invariably when they are in a stretched position or during rapid acceleration, especially following an inadequate warm-up. This is commonly seen in running sports such as rugby, football, hockey (predominantly when changing direction or when a rugby player or footballer performs a long kick) and athletics (particularly sprinters, hurdlers, and long jumpers) as well as skiing, horse riding, dancing and gymnastics. Some groin pain builds up over time and often goes unnoticed whilst activities are continued until symptoms become more noticeable. […]