2907, 2014

It happened to me: Osteopathy worked wonders for my son

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Osteopathy worked wonders for my son. Since complications during his birth, Caleb Sedeman (12) of Cape Town has always struggled with low muscle tone, a speech impediment, epilepsy and ADHD. He also has a very high pain threshold which means he doesn’t always realise when he hurts himself. But his mom, Celestia, says osteopathy has worked wonders for her son.

Caleb’s story

“Hours after Caleb and I were released from the hospital following his birth, we were readmitted to the ICU unit at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital,” recalls Celestia. “He was treated for apnoea [temporary inability to breathe] and acute tubular necrosis [damaged kidney tissue caused by lack of oxygen], and he was struggling to feed like a newborn or pass any urine. We stayed there for three weeks and the doctors were amazed that he was still alive.”

Today Celestia and Caleb’s lives consist of a range of regular therapies in order for Caleb to be able to function normally. These include occupational therapy, speech therapy and regular visits to a neurologist. Celestia’s mom helps her with this busy schedule. “My mom is always reading up and trying to find new ways of helping him – that’s when she came across a book on women who had difficult births, and they suggested cranial osteopathy for helping children recover from traumatic births.”

Caleb has received four therapy sessions by Cape Town osteopath Dr Guy Ashburner in the past six weeks. Celestia recalls their first visit: “We had no idea what to expect! He asked a lot of questions relating to Caleb’s birth, his milestones and development. Then he started by slowly massaging Caleb’s head, neck, back and arms. It looked like the usual massage therapy but […]

303, 2014

Osteopathy can help migraines

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A Migraine is a painful and sometimes disabling headache, which typically effects one side of the head and can be accompanied by a sensory warning sign (aura) via the sympathetic nervous system that may include increased sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, blurred vision and tingling in the arms and legs, which can last from two hours to four days. If preceded with an aura then the migraine is known as a “classic migraine”, if not then it is usually a “common migraine”.

A migraine headache is caused by dramatic changes in the blood vessels in the neck that supply blood to the brain. Dysfunctional signals from both nerves and hormones/chemicals force these vessels to contract and then dilate much wider than normal forcing blood into the head faster than it can drain out, resulting in increased pressure in the head, a release of certain chemicals and severe pain.

Even though migraine causes are thought to be of a vascular mechanism, mechanical problems (prolonged muscle and fascial tension affecting the joints of your neck will contribute to causing a headache as well as over stimulating your nervous system which in turn may be causing or contributory factor in migraines. Movement of blood and lymph also become restricted. Poor circulation affects oxygen delivery to the brain and prevents waste product removal – this also creates pain and discomfort.

The majority of headaches are caused by tension and poor posture, osteopathy is ideally placed to provide treatment and relief in these areas. An Osteopath will be able to identify reduced mobility in the joints of your spine. Helping to improve spinal movement and decrease muscle tension may help the pain of a migraine. Osteopaths are trained to diagnose the cause […]

905, 2012

Do alternative medical therapies work?

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Do alternative medical therapies work?

In pain? If conventional methods fail, visit an osteopath. The Women24 team gives the treatment a ‘thumbs up’. Do you?

In search of answers, I visited Dr Guy Ashburner, an osteopath. (On behalf of the osteopathic profession) […]

309, 2011

Osteopath treats Headaches and Other Aches And Pains

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Osteopath treats Headaches and Other Aches And Pains – Children often complain of headaches at approximately 7-8 years of age due to the formation of sutures or joints between the bones of the skull. Retained moulding may focus areas of pressure in the skull.

Children may also suffer from growing pains, aches related to poor posture and sporting injuries.

Osteopathy has proven to deals with your children’s aches and pains

107, 2008

Skeleton Key

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Source: Cosmopolitan

Skeleton Key. I could osteopathy be the answer to everyday aches and pains as well as more serious disorders? It’s time to bone up on this treatment..f you regularly suffer from back and neck pain, headaches, migraines, period pain, stress, fatigue or even ankle pain caused by killer heels and are looking for a holistic answer and form of relief, osteopathy could be the key. […]