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It happened to me: Osteopathy worked wonders for my son

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Osteopathy worked wonders for my son. Since complications during his birth, Caleb Sedeman (12) of Cape Town has always struggled with low muscle tone, a speech impediment, epilepsy and ADHD. He also has a very high pain threshold which means he doesn’t always realise when he hurts himself. But his mom, Celestia, says osteopathy has worked wonders for her son.

Caleb’s story

“Hours after Caleb and I were released from the hospital following his birth, we were readmitted to the ICU unit at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital,” recalls Celestia. “He was treated for apnoea [temporary inability to breathe] and acute tubular necrosis [damaged kidney tissue caused by lack of oxygen], and he was struggling to feed like a newborn or pass any urine. We stayed there for three weeks and the doctors were amazed that he was still alive.”

Today Celestia and Caleb’s lives consist of a range of regular therapies in order for Caleb to be able to function normally. These include occupational therapy, speech therapy and regular visits to a neurologist. Celestia’s mom helps her with this busy schedule. “My mom is always reading up and trying to find new ways of helping him – that’s when she came across a book on women who had difficult births, and they suggested cranial osteopathy for helping children recover from traumatic births.”

Caleb has received four therapy sessions by Cape Town osteopath Dr Guy Ashburner in the past six weeks. Celestia recalls their first visit: “We had no idea what to expect! He asked a lot of questions relating to Caleb’s birth, his milestones and development. Then he started by slowly massaging Caleb’s head, neck, back and arms. It looked like the usual massage therapy but […]

2110, 2013

Osteopathic treatment for infertility

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Osteopathic treatment for infertility which is when a woman is unable to conceive a child and can have numerous causes. Investigations do not always find the reason of this dysfunction. A basic principle of osteopathy is that structure and function are interrelated. In order to treat the conditions and diseases of the reproductive organs that may be causing infertility, it is important to completely understand the anatomy and physiology involved.

Osteopathic treatment for infertility helps improve function of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, nervous and hormonal systems, as well as the release of emotional stress. The main causes for infertility are problems connected to the pelvic region, hormonal imbalances, emotional stress and other associated ailments. Faulty body mechanics, incorrect body posture or misalignment of the organs will lead to abnormal blood flow and nerve function, which are vital for optimal reproductive system function.

Osteopathy helps to increase fertility by releasing tensions in and around the pelvic anatomy and the spine by use a variety of osteopathic techniques to increase joint mobility, improve spinal and soft tissue health, and improve circulation. Osteopathy techniques can be applied to an area that has influence over other areas of the body thus achieving the desired outcome. According to research in Osteopathy about infertility done by Mme Kermorgant D.O (Osteopath in France) many women manage to get pregnant after osteopathic treatments. An Osteopath’s aim is to help your body perform the most natural and normal processes of conception and pregnancy. In particular osteopathy has been shown to be successful in the treatment of stress which can be a key factor in reduced fertility.

We also offer advice on your health and life-style with the aim of achieving a positive outcome. Osteopaths work holistically to help your body find good structural balance and to allow it to function at its best.

1012, 2012

Combating the effects of Birth Trauma – Natural Birth – Caesarean Birth

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Being born is a pretty strenuous experience for both mother and baby, and the strain on baby in particular can produce a range of post-birth problems such as colic, poor sleeping patterns, excessive crying and so forth. Paediatric Osteopaths can help relieve these strains and tension, and make for a much happier, healthier baby. […]

1012, 2012

Pregnancy – Pregnancy Effects – Beat the Strain

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Pregnancy and birth are a time when a woman’s body undergoes the most change. Rapid weight gain, physical and hormonal changes, stretching ligaments and skin and all the added strains of looking after a newborn mean mom needs specific help to recuperate while she’s spending all her time on the new addition to the family. […]

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Do alternative medical therapies work?

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Do alternative medical therapies work?

In pain? If conventional methods fail, visit an osteopath. The Women24 team gives the treatment a ‘thumbs up’. Do you?

In search of answers, I visited Dr Guy Ashburner, an osteopath. (On behalf of the osteopathic profession) […]

2803, 2012

Osteopathy could be the cure

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Osteopathy could be the cure

“An osteo what?” – The answer nine of my 10 friends gave me when I told them I was seeing an osteopath for a muscle injury. They’re not alone – most South Africans fall into this category.
Fact is osteopathy, a “hands-on” manual therapy, has been around since the 1870s (before chiropractic and physiotherapy), but in South Africa it’s still relatively unknown. […]

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Back Pain in Pregnancy

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Back Pain in Pregnancy – Testimonial

During the pregnancy of my second child I had treatments with Dr Ashburner. Despite a history of back problems, I was completely free of back pain during my entire pregnancy. I was also guided on what movements and posture were compounding the problem so that I could make adjustments in my daily life and feel empowered in the process. I highly recommend Dr. Ashburner for both pregnant women and anyone needing to get to the root of their aches and pains.

Tanja Meyburgh, psychologist & mother of two

1210, 2011

Can I see an Osteopath during pregnancy?

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Can I see an Osteopath during pregnancy? Osteopathy is a safe form of physical therapy through all stages of pregnancy. Your Osteopath will only use techniques and forms of treatment that will enhance your health and well-being. Osteopathic treatment is helpful in assisting the body to adapt to the postural changes and makes the pregnancy much more comfortable.

An important part of preparation for childbirth is to ensure that the mothers pelvis is structurally balanced and able to allow the passage of the baby down the birth canal.

Osteopathic treatment is extremely effective at releasing old strains within the pelvis, thus giving the best chance of an easy and uncomplicated labour.

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Osteopathy deals with Pregnancy and Back Pain

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Osteopathy deals with Pregnancy and Back Pain – The hormonal changes, postural adaptations and the extra weight of carrying a baby during pregnancy can lead to discomfort, aches and pains in the sacroiliac joints, the groin, coccyx, pelvis and upper thighs. However low back pain, sciatica and generalised backache does not have to be the overwhelming experience of pregnancy. Rather, the intervention of an osteopath can alleviate much of the discomfort through massage techniques, mobilisation and stretching of the joints in the time leading up to labour. Postnatal therapy is also useful in getting the body back to shape and easing the passage into early motherhood.

309, 2011

Osteopathy can help during and after pregnancy

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Osteopathy can help during and after Pregnancy. Being pregnant is a unique and powerful life experience, during which your body undergoes immense physical, hormonal and emotional changes. The effects of hormonal softening of ligaments, the position of the growing baby, postural changes and increases in weight can put additional pressure on your joints and muscles of your spine and pelvis. At Osteopathy Cape Town we are able to offer treatment during and after pregnancy to make this a more manageable and comfortable experience. Pregnancy will initiate numerous physical, hormonal and emotional changes over a relatively short period of time. Your body has to adapt to carrying up to 20lb (9kg) of baby, water (amniotic fluid) and placenta which can impose physical strain on all the organs and tissues. Benefits of Osteopathic treatment during and after pregnancy: Reduction of the aches and pains of pregnancy. Preparing for the demands of labour. Helping the mother to recover after birth. The common Aches & Pains during and after pregnancy Aches and pains are common during pregnancy due to the considerable changes to posture to accommodate for the increasing size and weight of the uterus and baby. Any mother with an existing back problem, or a history of strains or imbalances in her body from past accidents or trauma, may find it difficult to accommodate to these changes, and she may suffer more discomfort as a result.
How Ligaments Are Affected During And After Pregnancy
Ligaments of the pelvis soften during pregnancy due to the action of hormones to allow the pelvic joints flexibility to separate slightly. This increases the size of the pelvic outlet and thus encourages the passage of the baby’s head and shoulders through the pelvis. Unfortunately this softening […]