Scrum Posture for Children.

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Scrum Posture for Children.

“The scrum and the tackle are the two really contentious areas of the game. If you get those two aspects right, most rugby matches will work in your favour.” Alan Lewis – Rugby union referee

Safety in the scrum is of absolute importance in the game due to the potential for neck and lower back spinal stress. Spinal dysfunction, associated nerve irritation and poor posture impact on muscular function, key for strength, speed, flexibility, coordination and agility all of which are important for a player to perform at their best and to avoid injury. Scrums require technique and are about the individual getting themselves in the right position and not just size. In the scrum, good posture is vital.
Every individual must maintain a good body position that keeps their spine in the best possible position to tolerate compressive loads and better transmit force. The spine must remain in a neutral position whilst retaining natural spinal curves but avoid being flexed or rounded. A rounded spinal position not only reduces the transfer of force through the scrum, but also compromises the health of the spine and risks injury. Equally the spine should not be forced and loaded into extension as this is never a healthy position for the spine.

Aches and pains in the back should not dismissed as just part of the game in rugby or any other sport as this may lead to chronic issues, especially if untreated. Because of growth, young sports persons are susceptible to injury, particularly during the growth spurt of adolescence. Back pain is often misunderstood and no one should just ‘grin and bear it’ by just taking medication.

By getting children scrummaging correctly with good posture they are more […]