Sleep Disturbances

403, 2015

Sleep Disorders in Children

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Sleep Disorders

“My son Jordan who is 5 years old, has never slept or eaten well since he was born, my husband and I had tried every trick in the book, but nothing worked with him.

He was always screaming and just seemed to be a difficult baby and toddler.  I eventually was just happy that he would stay in his room and play until he eventually fell asleep at about 10 or 10.30pm and he never showed any signs of being tired!

After chatting to a friend about Jordan she suggested we go see Guy Ashburner, after our first visit, we went home, followed our usual routine, I read Jordan a story and said good night and left his room expecting to hear him start playing, but there was no movement and by 8.45pm he was asleep!

My husband asked me what drugs we had been given, I said none!  Since then Jordan has been asleep every night between 8 and 9pm and he has started trying other foods and drinks.  He is much calmer and overall easier to handle!

It is unbelievable, Guy Ashburner has changed our lives! Thank you!!!!”

Sonja Kohlöffel

309, 2011

Adults benefiting from Osteopathy

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Adults benefiting from Osteopathy
Osteopathy is most commonly known for assisting in the treatment of ‘bad backs’, however, it is much broader than this and can help with a wide range of conditions including those such as arthritis and sciatica. At Osteopathy Cape Town we offer a holistic approach to assist in many conditions. Please visit our contact page for details and directions to our clinic.

The Following Conditions May All Benefit From Osteopathic Treatment:

Ankle Sprain
Autonomic Nervous System
Calf Strain
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Costochondritis – Tietze’s syndrome – Musculoskeletal chest pain
Disc Prolapse (Lumbar)
Dizziness (of spinal origin)
Emotional Tension
Fatigue or low energy
Forward Head Posture
Frozen Shoulder
Groin Strain/Injury
Heel Pain
Hip Bursitis
Hip Pain
Iliotibial band syndrome
Influenza or Flu
Jaw Pain
Knee Pain
Low Back Pain
Muscle Imbalance
Neck Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Pregnancy & Back Pain
Psoas Pain & Dysfunction
Repetitive Strain
Rotator Cuff Syndrome
Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Shin Splints
Shoulder Pain
Spinal Misalignment
Sports Injuries
Tennis Elbow