Asthma - Chest Infection

I was told of osteopathy for young babies and new mothers by a friend, who had a very positive experience, whilst my son was in the Special Care Babies Unit having had assistance in breathing following a caesarean birth. Within the first few days my son was on antibiotics and this continued in his first two years of his life on a almost monthly basis, for ear, nose, throat and skin infections.

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Asthma treatment Natural Osteopathy

Three years ago I spent a week in hospital with symptoms the pulmonologist attributed to asthma. After I was discharged I consulted Guy Ashburner, osteopath to assist with the aches and pains in my back as a result of 10 days of non-stop coughing. While he was working on me the most amazing thing happened … my chest opened up completely and for the first time on 10 days I was able to breathe easily.

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