Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I met Dr Ashburner last year in when I took my daughter to see him regarding her knees, which had been troubling her for some time. During her appointment he asked me what was troubling me and I briefly explained that I was suffering from chronic exhaustion as well as tension and discomfort in my back and neck. He told me that he was confident that he could assist me.

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Osteopathy Treats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When blood and lymphatics flow freely, the tissues can perform their physiologic functions without impedance. With the occurrence of trauma (physical or emotional), the tissues contract, twist, and compress. The fluid flow becomes obstructed. Micro-climates of underperfusion result, and are considered to be a significant contributor to the onset of disease. Osteopathic manipulation restores freedom in the tissues, normalizes fluid flow and thus inherent physiologic function (healing) follows. Dr. A.

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