Groin Pain

Osteopathy Treats Groin Strain/Injury

“Good osteopathy is not only receiving treatment. An osteopath will also give you good advice on avoiding the condition for which you are being treated and can often detect the signs of impending trouble. Good coaches and athletes should have the arrows of osteopathy in their quiver of medical backup - it can lessen the need for far more drastic treatment later.” Lord Sebastian Coe, CH KBE - Double Olympic Gold Medallist - The Mechanics of Sports Injuries.

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Hip - Groin Pain - Repetitive Strain - Athlete

I have suffered from hip discomfort and pain for a few years now. Waterpolo was a big part of my everyday life. April 2013 I sought help from a hip specialist, I went for X rays and MRI scans on both hips. He told me that I had Labral tears in both hips; he said my hip joints were too shallow and it was hereditary. I was told that I would need surgery (age 16), and would never be able to run, swim or cycle, only “calm walks”, and that I would need a hip replacement later.

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