Joint Pain

Curtsy Lunges

‘Keeping your knees healthy and symptom free begins with developing a functional understanding of how this unique joint is constructed (anatomy) and how it does and doesn’t function (biomechanics)’ Lunges are excellent dynamic strength exercises for the lower body but can cause pain if not performed properly. The curtsy lunge is like the standard lunge, but your rear foot moves backward, crossing it behind the front leg, planting the ball of your rear foot about half a metre across the midline as though you were about to curtsy.

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Plantar Fasciitis

The arch of the foot functions like a bow (as in a bow and arrow), and the plantar fascia is like the string of the bow. The tension in the “bow string” holds the shape of the arch. But every time you step, the “bow string” stretches. and when stretched too hard and too often, it gets irritated, and then it’s like a bow shooting you in the foot!” Anon Plantar fasciitis sufferers feel a sharp stab or deep ache and stiffness on the bottom of the foot especially near the inside edge or center of the heel and along the inside arch in the mid-foot area.

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Osteopathy Treats Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Osteopathy Treats Sacroiliac Joint Pain - The Sacroiliac joints (bony surfaces supported by strong ligaments) connect the sacrum (the triangular shaped bone at the bottom of the spine) to the iliac bones (the two bones that make up the pelvis). The sacroiliac joint allows for a small amount of movement that is important for maintaining stability of the spine and pelvis during walking and running as well as for expansion of the pelvis during childbirth.

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