Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow - Pain in elbow

I overstrained my elbow when I played tennis at University for three months. I went to a local osteopath in my village in Texas. The doctor diagnosed it as a tennis elbow and injected my elbow with glucose into this area which was very painful. I went for another session and it did not help at all. I know Dr. Ashburner from my father who has lived in South Africa for over 25 years and is a patient of his, so I emailed him for advice.

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Osteopathy Treats Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow or Water Bucket Elbow is a pain or ache that is felt on the outside of the elbow due to an injury to the muscles that extend the wrist and fingers. Most people experience a gradual onset of pain that is intermittent at first then gradually becomes present more of the time. In some instances the pain may come on suddenly. The pain is usually around the outside of the elbow although you may feel some stiffness along the top of the forearm too.

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