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Osteopathy is most commonly known for assisting in the treatment of ‘bad backs’, however, it is much broader than this and can help with a wide range of conditions including those such as arthritis and sciatica.

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babies & children

Despite the common belief that children are young and flexible enough to have no musculoskeletal imbalances in their body, this is not necessarily true. The reality of this can only be ascertained on professional analysis of the birth history and on clinical observation and examination.

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during and after pregnancy

Being pregnant is a unique and powerful life experience, during which your body undergoes immense physical, hormonal and emotional changes. The effects of hormonal softening of ligaments, the position of the growing baby, postural changes and increases in weight can put additional pressure on your joints and muscles of your spine and pelvis.

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Dr Guy Ashburner osteopath Cape Town, offers a complete package of care from pain relief to prevention of long-term recurrence of symptoms. Furthermore, advice is provided on injury prevention and postural education through personalized exercise, ergonomic and lifestyle advice. Osteopathy Cape Town is committed to keeping you and your family in good health.

Locked Jaw

By F Asuur on March 31, 2021

My son has been suffering with locked jaw for the last 1 1/ 2 years. He has been in a lot of pain and not even being able to open his mouth wider than a certain point. After trying a few different things we were referred to Dr Ashburner. After the first session he already felt a huge relief and could open his mouth wider than before. By the 3rd session he could open his mouth completely and has no pain.

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The importance of Health awareness education

By Dr Guy Ashburner on March 31, 2021

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ”― Thomas A. Edison Today, more than ever before, patients have the ability to take control of their health care. Many people are ignorant about health issues and as a result this may predispose them to falling sick. There are many health problems that could be easily avoided if we paid a bit more attention to our health education.

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Cytokine storm and chronic inflammation

By Dr Guy Ashburner on February 25, 2021

“It is the object of a physician to find health, anyone can find disease” Andrew Taylor Still M.D., D.O. Cytokines are tiny inflammatory protein molecules that act as cell messengers to help direct the body’s immune response and are a natural part of any healing process that are there to fight off infections and ward off cancers. They help surround the invader and then wall it off so that the other cells and actions of the immune system can destroy the virus and then help develop anti bodies to further protect you from future infections.

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By Dr Guy Ashburner on January 29, 2021

The body has its own self-regulating and self-healing mechanism – called homeostasis. It is the basic survival mechanism that has kept us alive for thousands of years. In homeostatic balance, bodily processes work in concert. It is an extremely efficient system and has helped us thrive in both hot and cold environments. Sensors are located all around the body that detect changes in the local physiological environment. Sensors that monitor chemical levels are called chemoreceptors, blood pressure sensors are called baroreceptors, and temperature sensors are called thermoreceptors and so on… When we’re too warm, we perspire; when too cold, we shiver.

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